The Leading Edge – pay-it-forward copy from Holly Ransom



Do you know someone ready to find their leadership edge? Why not purchase a pay-it-forward copy and Holly write a personalised note to the lucky recipient. Please tell us their name, address, greatest challenge and biggest opportunity, and why you’ve chosen them. No doubt they will soon be dreaming big, sparking change and becoming the leader the world needs them to be.

The Leading Edge is a call to arms for people to step up and turn their restlessness for change into the reality of a better world.

Leadership is within everyone’s reach, everyone’s ability and everyone’s power. It’s time to step up, and Holly will show you how with a special signed copy and a big thank you for ordering the book here!

What does it mean to ‘be a leader’?

What does true leadership look like in the 2020s, when we’re facing complexity and challenges in every direction – from climate disaster to political division, and inequality to consumer mistrust?

And how can we be part of the solution, while crafting a meaningful and satisfying career?

The answers aren’t simple, but Holly Ransom is closer to finding them than most. Barely into her thirties, since chairing the G20 Youth Summit in 2014, Holly has been working with and learning from the heads of countries, companies and charities to help them disrupt what they do and change the world for the better.

In her fearless and widely-researched manifesto, this innovative young thinker shows how it is within everyone’s reach, everyone’s ability and everyone’s power to be an effective leader – in business and beyond.

Through three principles – mindset, method and mastery – you’ll discover how to first lead yourself, then others. And you’ll benefit from the wisdom of the luminaries Holly has interviewed, from Susan Cain and Condoleezza Rice to Barack Obama and Malcolm Gladwell.

This is the path to the leading edge – and becoming the leader the world needs you to be.