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Dare to be creative

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Dare to be creative

Finding fresh ideas hard to come by? It's easy to think that creativity is a talent only some of us possess, but that's painting ourselves into a corner. We all have an inner artist just waiting to burst out and make a colourful splash in the world. This week, let's brush up on some new approaches to the canvas of life!

When do you feel most inspired or creative? Write it down.

Consider: what's one creative activity you've been holding back on trying?

Practice: carving out time for yourself to explore and understand the conditions that foster your creativity.

Decide to: keep pushing yourself to unlock your full creative potential.

Let your ideas take flight

It takes courage to think outside the box, take risks, and challenge the status quo. But the most successful leaders are curious, optimistic, and inventive. They are the ones who dare to fail and learn from their mistakes.

Research shows that the most creative minds are open to new experiences. Creative individuals have a curiosity that draws them toward learning new things and experiencing the world in new ways. And while some people may be more naturally creative than others, anyone can push themselves to be more creative.

To be more creative, practice like it's a skill, let your mind wander and daydream, brainstorm wildly, get outside for inspiration, and refine your ideas until they shine. As a leader, it's important to create a culture that encourages experimentation and allows for failure as a natural part of the creative process. So, go ahead and take risks, try new things, and watch your creativity soar!

Want to unlock your full creative potential and turn your ideas into action? Join me for my next Epic Leadership Challenge, Ideas into Action, where I'll be sharing more strategies and tips to help you unleash and embrace your creativity. Find out more here and let's see where your creative ideas will take you.

Love your Mondays.