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Unleashing latent potential

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Unleashing latent potential

People are an amazing source of unrealised potential. Take yourself for example. What would be the impact if you could harness 20% more of your own potential? Look at your team. What could they be doing more or less of that could have a measurable impact on their success?

Where might latent potential lie?

Write it down.

Consider: what is the insight that tells you someone has latent potential?

Practice: bringing people's strongest skills, experiences and knowledge to the fore

Decide to: incentivise people to build a practice of building their potential in this area

The valley of latent potential.

Latent potential is the gap between the results you expect and the results you actually see. Progress doesn’t happen in a linear fashion because the results of your efforts are often delayed. James Clear writes that to really harness your potential, habits need to persist long enough to break through the ‘valley of latent potential’, otherwise known as the 'valley of disappointment'. Often, it isn’t until months or years later that we realise the value of working on our core strengths.

When we identify latent potential in our team, we need to take our people on the journey from knowing better, to doing better. And not just once! But over and over until the results start coming through. How can we incentise our team when they may feel discouraged after putting in lots of hard work without seeing the benefit? It’s important to realise that this work is not wasted but that it is simply being stored and waiting to be revealed at a later date. Once you hit the uplift of latent potential, people will call it an overnight success. That’s how you know you finally tipped the scale.

Unleash your team's potential with some well-thought-out incentivisation this week!

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