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Mastering Mondays

Welcome to Love Mondays, a weekly newsletter designed as a 3-minute hit to fire up the other 10,077 minutes of your week.

Mastering Mondays

Forget what Guinness World Records says about Mondays being the worst day of the week. We're here to prove them wrong and make Mondays the new MVPs of our week!

What activities or rituals set a positive tone for your Mondays? Write them down.

Consider: how you typically approach Mondays.

Practice: incorporating small habits or rituals you enjoy into your Monday (and Sunday) routine to shape a positive start to the week.

Decide to: to approach each fresh start Monday with a mindset of enthusiasm and possibility. 

Fresh start Mondays

Ah, Sundays—the supposed day of relaxation, leisure, and preparation for the week ahead. But sometimes they come with an unwanted sidekick: the Sunday Scaries. That nagging feeling of unease as Monday slowly approaches. But Mondays can be more than just the start of another workweek. They can be a fresh start brimming with inspiration and limitless potential.

research actually confirms this! Mondays really do possess the ability to act as fresh starts, and funnily enough, it's officially known as "The Fresh Start Effect." Similar to significant occasions like New Year's Day or birthdays, Mondays act as temporal landmarks – those special points in time that trigger our desire for positive change. These landmarks provide us with an opportunity to leave behind old routines, learn from past experiences, and embrace new opportunities for a true fresh start – and we get to experience this fresh start magic every single week!

The beauty of Mondays lies not in the day itself, but in our perspective and openness to embrace the fresh start it offers.So, how will you seize the fresh start of this Monday and make it a catalyst for success and fulfillment for you and your team?

Love your Mondays.