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Why ask why?

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Why ask why?


Because sometimes the answer isn't obvious. And sometimes, we need to dig deeper to find our true motivations and aspirations. 

What areas of your life do you need more motivation and focus? Write them down.

Consider: past experiences where you were able to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge. What motivated you to keep going? 

Practice: asking "why" 5 times to uncover the underlying motivations and causes behind your goals or problems.

Decide to: determine the root cause of your desire to achieve a goal or solve a problem so you can maintain your motivation and make informed decisions.

The Five Why's

Got dreams and goals you're chasing, but sometimes your motivation starts to fade? Enter the Five Whys technique!

Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, developed the Five Whys technique as a powerful problem-solving tool, but it can be applied to any goal or challenge. To use it effectively, first, identify the problem or objective that you want to address. Then, put on your detective hat and ask yourself "why" up to five times, drilling down to the root cause of your desire to achieve that goal. As you dig deeper, the more insights you may discover, giving you a clearer understanding of what is truly driving you.

For example, by using the Five Whys technique,you can uncover your true motivation for running a half marathon (or marathon if you're extra keen!). It may go beyond physical challenges and reveal a deeper, more meaningful reason. Knowing your true motivation can fuel your determination to achieve this goal and overcome any obstacles along the way.

How will you harness the power of "why" to uncover your motivation and drive your progress towards your goals this week?

Love your Mondays.