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Standing on the shoulders of giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Monday Musing: Whose shoulders have you stood upon to reach your current heights?

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

- Isaac Newton.

Whether you're a passionate football fan or simply an intrigued bystander, one thing is crystal clear: the athletes in the FIFA Women’s World Cup are far more than just players. They're evolving into the role models that the world deeply yearns for. But they too stood on the shoulders of those who blazed the trail before them, reaching the heights they now grace.

Sam Kerr, the dynamic star of the Matildas, encapsulates this beautifully. She has shared how Cathy Freeman, the iconic Australian track and field athlete, set the 2000 Olympics ablaze with her performance, igniting Sam's own journey and fanning the flames of her spirit. Few have contended with the weight of national pressure and expectation (hyper intensified on home soil!) in the way they have. 

The journey from Kerr's admiration to her, and the rest of the Matildas’ squad, own place as an inspiration has me contemplating the incredible strength of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants.’ It's a concept that doesn't merely reside within the boundaries of sports; it's a philosophy that echoes through leadership and life.  How do we both draw inspiration from those who’ve gone before and then challenge ourselves to move the dial for those who will follow us? Imagine if we momentarily ditched our job title and retitled ourselves as ‘Role Model’ for the generation to come… would you do anything differently? 

Take charge of your Monday.



the individuals who have inspired and guided you in your journey.


thinking about yourself as a role model and reflecting on the ripple effect you’re putting into motion each day with your leadership.

Decide to:

foster a cycle of mutual inspiration and mentorship.

In this video, as the Matildas come together in their pursuit of parity, they take a moment to appreciate the trailblazers who paved the way before them and express their determination to keep pushing for positive changes for girls and women in the sport. 💪

Credit: Professional Footballers Australia via The Guardian

Here’s to being shoulders worth standing on.

Love Mondays. Love the Matildas 😉 

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