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Elevate your decision-making game

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Elevate your decision-making game

From the mundane to the monumental, each decision shapes our journey. Let's level up our decision-making process to make confident choices that propel us closer to our goals. 💪

What strategies or techniques have you found effective in making more informed and thoughtful decisions in the pastWrite it down.

Consider: how you currently seek and integrate different viewpoints when making decisions.

Practice: challenging biases and seeking out diverse perspectives to make better-informed decisions.

Decide to: embrace diverse, multi-dimensional viewpoints to foster more effective problem-solving and make informed choices that consider a wide range of possibilities.

Hat-tastic decision-making

Ready to elevate your decision-making to new levels of effectiveness and impact? Discover the power of the Six Thinking Hats. Developed by Edward de Bono, these structured and playful hats foster clarity, creativity, and open-mindedness for individuals and teams allowing us to approach decision-making in a more holistic way. 

Think of each hat as a unique lens through which we view a situation. Just like wearing different hats changes our appearance, each hat changes our perspective enabling us to explore multiple angles and consider various factors.

By asking the right questions we activate the unique power of each hat and expand our thinking capabilities.

🔵 Blue Hat: Set the stage. Ask, "What's our objective?"
⚪ White Hat: Give us the facts. Try asking, "What data do we have?"
🔴 Red Hat: Tune into emotions. Ask, "How do we feel about this?"
⚫ Black Hat: Play devil's advocate. Consider asking, "What could go wrong?"
🟡 Yellow Hat: Find the silver lining. Ask, "What's possible?"
🟢 Green Hat: Think outside the box. Explore by asking, "How else can we see this?"

So, whether you're flying solo or working in a team, grab your Six Thinking Hats, and let the magic of colourful thinking guide you towards extraordinary decisions!

Happy hat-switching!

Love your Mondays. 

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