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Same is not safe

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As Australia and New Zealand acknowledge the cost of peacekeeping underpinning ANZAC day today, it’s an interesting time to consider the increased polarisation we are seeing in society. My friend Zoe Daniel is running for office as an Independent candidate, with the slogan ‘same isn’t safe’, and it got me thinking, are we designed to disagree?

What conversation are you likely to have this week, that might require you to build bridges between opposing views? Write this down.

Consider: how comfortable do you feel amidst polarised perspectives?

Practice: helping people become open and curious about opposing viewpoints

Decide to: frame the common ground of diverse perspectives as a place to plant seeds of understanding

Constructive Depolarisation.

The art of constructive depolarising is the ability to calm tense situations where differences dominate and communication has broken down—and bring people from divergent cultures toward positive engagement.

Future leaders will need cross-cultural agility in order to constructively depolarise a situation: an ability to listen and learn from people who are very different from them. To be effective in constructive depolarisation, leaders need both deep self-knowledge and the ability to communicate effectively across differences. Try to see the world from different perspectives.

Language relies on difference, understanding relies on language, and difference is a competitive advantage when backed by understanding.

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