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Relearn to reimagine your leadership

As lifelong learners, we know the importance of continuously expanding our knowledge and skills. We've delved into the concepts of unlearning and learning, so this week let's round out the triad by exploring the value of relearning.

What skills have you allowed to lie dormant that might be worth dusting off and refreshing? Write them down

Consider: what skills or knowledge would you like to further develop?

Practice: revisiting and questioning what you already know.

Decide to: spend some time this week actively relearning a skill or knowledge that you may have forgotten or that needs updating.

Connecting the old with the new

Every day we learn new things. The good news is that we don't have to from scratch each time we learn something new. Your brain already holds a wealth of knowledge, and the act of recalling that knowledge has been proven to enhance learning and strengthen both old and new information.

Relearning leverages the power of existing knowledge to help us understand what we're learning and bridge the gap between traditional practices and current trends, leading to more efficient and effective learning and growth. Over the past decade, and especially in recent years, we've been implementing and embracing many changes requiring a significant amount of unlearning and relearning. Think of all the familiar concepts we've had to rethink, reimagine and relearn including leadership and how we live and work.

So what other things can we challenge ourselves to reimagine and relearn as we move forward into the future?

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This week let's challenge ourselves to embrace the cycle of unlearning, learning, and relearning so we can continue to evolve and transform into our best selves 🌟

Enjoy your week friends.

Love your Mondays.