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Monotasking Magic

Monotasking Magic


Monday Musing: Is multitasking really making you more efficient, or is it merely spreading you thin?

“Multitasking: a polite way of telling someone you haven’t heard a word they’ve said.”

- David Crenshaw, Author, Speaker and Time Management Expert

Last week, I shared a revealing stat in Love Mondays More: an Atlassian study found that 73% of meeting goers multitask during meetings! But while multitasking may have become the norm, it's not exactly doing us any favours.

Juggling multiples tasks at once isn't quite the productivity hack we think it is. Research shows that multitasking can reduce productivity by up to 40%, lower our IQ, and even negatively impact our brain structure over time. And the reality is, only 2.5% of us can truly multitask successfully, leaving the other 98% struggling to keep up.

So, what can we do to shift from this multitasking frenzy to a more mindful and focused way of living and working? The answer lies in the art of monotasking or single-tasking. While life can get busy, focusing on one task at a time is key for maximising productivity, optimising your brain's potential and being fully present in each precious moment. 

And with a room full of focused, present minds - meetings might become shorter, fewer, and more productive!

Neuroscientist and author of 'The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High Tech World', Adam Gazzaley, has a 3-step plan for us to start incorporating monotasking into our lives:

  1. 1. Hide your phone: Don't settle for just putting it on silent - tuck it away where you can't see it.
  2. 2. Set a timer and start small: Start with just 5 minutes of uninterrupted focus on the task at hand, and gradually extend as you sharpen your concentration skills. Experiment with techniques like the Pomodoro Method.
  3. 3. Take a break (preferably outdoors): Step away from screens and distractions to recharge your mind. Remember, not all breaks are equal - avoid falling into social media rabbit holes that steer you away from your goals.

Take charge of your Monday.



how often you engage in multitasking throughout your day.


dedicating at least one task a day to single-tasking.

Decide to:

observe and reflect on how monotasking impacts your productivity, focus, and overall sense of presence.

Image: Chintan Jain

How can your team foster a culture of support and encouragement to embrace monotasking in their daily or weekly routines?

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