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Forever learning

Forever learning.


Monday Musing: When did you last experience the 'a-ha' moment of learning something new?

“Learn continually. There's always 'one more thing' to learn."

-Steve Jobs.

In this fast-changing world, being a leader means more than just making decisions and hitting goals. It's about keeping up with the pace, evolving, and always striving for improvement. Lifelong learning has become the name of the game, and we're in the driver's seat!

Here are my top 3 practical tips to supercharge your learning:

1. Start with ‘why’ and ‘what’: Take charge of your learning journey by mapping out what you want to learn and why, and then integrating it into your weekly routine. Set aside dedicated time to explore topics that align with your goals and interests regularly. By making learning a habit, you'll steadily grow and expand your knowledge, and knowing on your 'why' you’re more likely to stick at it. 

2. Play with format: Ditch the notion that ‘learning’ needs to involve a classroom, book or official course. Be open to exploring a variety of learning resources and methods, such as  podcasts, immersive experiences and challenges . Don't be afraid to mix and match; the more you explore, the richer your learning journey becomes! 

3. Go on a coffee convo quest: Shift gears from seeking mentors to exploring learning conversations. Reach out to those who inspire you, invite them for a coffee catch-up, and discover the wealth of wisdom and impact they have to offer. It's amazing what you can uncover over a simple cup of coffee.

Take charge of your Monday.



are you actively engaging in continuous self-improvement and seeking new knowledge?


applying what you've learned to real-life situations. Learning comes to life when we apply it in meaningful ways.

Decide to:

let learning be your compass in this ever-changing landscape.

Image: Aston Carter

The world is our classroom, and the learning possibilities are boundless! So, what exciting pursuit of knowledge awaits you this week?

Perhaps it's the thrilling journey of leveling up your leadership skills and mastering the art of leading change. If it is, my Epic Leadership Challenge kicks off next week! Join me on this extraordinary learning experience, and together, we'll elevate your leadership to new heights.

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