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Generation collaboration

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Generation collaboration

Gen Z, the next burgeoning generation, has arrived with a wave of energy, fresh perspectives, and a hunger for change. By 2025, they are projected to represent 27% of the workforce in OECD countries and make up one-third of the Earth's population. With their transformative potential, will we embrace their voices, collaborate, and shape a future where all generations can thrive?

What's an inspiring cross-generational interaction or learning experience you've had? Write it down.

Consider: your own beliefs and biases about different generations.

Practice: curiosity and seeking to understand, in place of defensiveness or assumptions. Ask questions, listen actively, and keep an open mind.

Decide to: embrace the opportunity to learn from colleagues of different generations. Engage, inquire, and expand your horizons.

Beyond labels


We often hear about the perceived differences between generations: Baby Boomers valuing loyalty (born between 1945-1964), Gen X (1965-1980) characterised as independent, Millennials (1981-1996) seeking work-life balance, and Gen Z (1997-2009) yearning for flexibility and inclusivity. But when we confine ourselves to generational stereotypes we miss the opportunity to truly appreciate the unique strengths and aspirations of each person. 

No generation emerges untouched by the shaping forces of their time. As younger generations fearlessly push boundaries and challenge norms, it is our responsibility to rise to the occasion and ask ourselves: How can we evolve alongside them and create a world that wholeheartedly embraces their vision?

The key to navigating this path lies in our ability to break free from stereotypes and recognise the immense potential of Gen Z, Millennials, and the generations to come. By nurturing the unique qualities and potential of each individual, we pave the way for a brighter tomorrow


What's one action you can take this week to build stronger connections and understanding across generations in your workplace?

Love your Mondays.