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Leading the Improv Way.

Leading the Improv Way.


Monday Musing: What if we embraced the 'Yes, and' spirit of improv, turning unexpected situations into leadership successes?

“Improvisation frees us from being perfect, being in control, thinking ahead, and second-guessing. It can feel like jumping into the abyss at first, but once you jump, fear turns into excitement, and your imagination kicks in.”

- Linda Naiman, founder of Creativity at Work.

Life isn't scripted; it's an ever-unfolding story. That's why the skills of improv aren't just for the stage; they're vital for your leadership. The building blocks of successful improv - embracing surprises and harmonising in thought - will kick your creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving skills into turbo mode.

At the heart of improvisation lies the ‘Yes, and’ principle. When translated to leadership, it becomes a powerful tool for cultivating innovative thinking. Rather than stifling ideas with the  'yes, but' blockade, the 'yes, and' mindset ignites a culture of collaborative ideation, inviting ideas to flourish and intertwine.

Channelling the spirit of improv into your leadership style shapes a team that thrives in uncertainty, much like actors navigate unpredictable scenes. The finale? A team poised to innovate, pivot, and soar - traits that spell triumph in today's ever-evolving landscape. 

Curious to dive deeper? Tune into my chat on Disrupt Radio (4pm recording, August 18) for more insights on this topic. And for a touch of fun, I'll even spill the beans on my current TV show obsession! 📺

Take charge of your Monday.



how you and your team respond when faced with challenges.


encouraging your team to build on each other’s ideas using ‘Yes, and’.

Decide to:

replace phrases like ‘Yes, but’ with ‘Yes, and’ in daily conversations, emails and discussions.

What's your next move to introduce a bit more ‘Yes, and’ into your leadership toolkit?

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