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Human connection matters

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Human connection matters

Hey team, Happy Monday! Don't you think it's amazing how far we've come (and how far we'll go) when it comes to technology in the workplace?

Technology has made our work lives easier and more convenient, ​​​​​but if there's one thing we've learned from the past two years, it's that we still crave the energy and engagement of human connection at work, even in a hybrid world.

Let's kick off the week with a nod to our shared humanity and the connections we experience each day - the small, the fleeting and the ones that extend beyond the work zone. Because connection matters.

How do you foster connections at work? Write it down.

Consider: what does connection mean to you?

Practice: paying attention to the small moments of connection you experience each day.

Decide to: foster a culture that supports and encourages connection and collaboration.

Don't forget to be human

Technology advancement and the pandemic have combined to accelerate big changes in the world of work but what hasn't changed is our human need for connection and a sense of belonging.

Erica Keswin, workplace strategist and author of Bring Your Human to Work, says that "we can't let technology stand-in for real human connection. We need to look at the impact of technology and determine best practices".

Keswin believes there is one thing we can all do to ensure a more human workplace - honour relationships in everything we do - and that means finding "the sweet spot" between tech and connect. It's knowing when to use technology to deepen relationships and when to put it in it's place and invest that extra effort and time into human moments. Relationships take time and effort to move beyond transaction and into meaningful connections, but the benefits for everyone involved are worth it.

Extensive research by Gartner confirms that in our increasingly digital world, we all need a more human workplace steered by 'human leaders'. Their research has identified three components that make up human leadership - Authenticity, Empathy and Adaptability.

Feeling connected to our colleagues and our organisations helps us to grow - personally and professionally - and when leaders make connection a priority, performance, productivity and well-being go up and talent stays. It's win-win for organisations and us as individuals!
Let's embrace our shared humanity and continue to develop and nuture real human connections - in our personal and professional lives.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to strengthen connections this week by swapping an online interaction with a more personal one.

Love your Mondays.