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Give me some space!

Our physical space is our mental space. Those of us feeling boxed in by our own thoughts this week may want to reclaim some space in our lives. Hard in lockdown I know, but James Clear tells us that just as multitasking dilutes the ability to get even one thing done, clearly defined habits are enabled by clearly defined spaces.

Want to practice yoga? Know where you will lay your mat and protect that space from clutter or children’s debris.

Want to read more books? Nominate a reading chair and associate the practice of reading with that space exclusively.

Determined to eat healthily? Find a spot in the fridge that always contains your chosen foods.

What sacred spaces will you claim this week in support of your habits?

(Write them down)

Consider: one habit you are struggling to build

Practice: relating it to a physical space (time, place, props)

Decide to: delineate that space to support that habit

The production of personal space

Philosopher Henri Lefebvre, a French Marxist theorist, connected spatial practice and the mental act for, in his own words “space can not be perceived without a notion of space”

. The abstract moment is linked to the concrete space through the body’s ability to occupy space. For the human mind to situationally generate meaningful thought, spacious intelligence needs reference points for orientation. Space without a reference becomes spaceless and would mean nothing to think about. We enjoy the vastness of the ocean and the sky, but it is the defining line of the horizon that makes sense of them. Like the sky and the sea meet at the horizon, consciousness and thought meet in intentional awareness of our space.

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Give yourself some space this week.

Love your Mondays.