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Getting out of our own way

Start with what you have

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, therefore a prototype may well be worth 1000 meetings! Getting out of our own way means recognising and removing the barriers between where we are right now, and where we want to be. When I polled LinkedIn on what’s stopping people from achieving their goals, the clear majority said fear. Fear can show up in all manner of ways, including our perception that we don't have the time, capability, or resources to make things happen.

How can we take that big idea we’ve got and innovate as though our lives depend upon it?

Write down your goal. Write down your barriers.

Consider: what role fear is playing in the creation of barriers?

Practice: designing a minimum viable prototype to show 10 people

Decide to: spend $20 dollars and 20 hours on your prototype and see what you come up with

Getting unstuck when it comes to goals

We’re all busy, and when a goal seems onerous, or the path towards it is unclear, it’s often easier to blame busy and push it off to another day. Our inboxes are exploding, our days are eaten up by meetings. We procrastinate on the big things and too often sweat the little ones. But if we truly want to get unstuck and move toward a goal, we need to carve out time in our schedule and commit to backing ourselves out of the busy corner. Paralysis brought on by fear and self-doubt will only subside as we intentionally move through it.

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Shoot the shit out of that goal this week.

Love your Mondays.