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Freedom is (active) choice

Hey tigers! This weekend you will have approximately 70,000 micro-decisions to make - and according to one study, our willpower diminishes with each choice. One of the things I find coming up, again and again, is the way we overemphasise the big grand gestures of change in our lives, and overlook the power of small, active decisions.

When moderated choices are never moderate

Wall Street Journal recently launched an investigation to understand TikTok’s algorithm, creating over 100 automated accounts—or bots—that watched hundreds of thousands of videos on the app. TikTokers all start off on a similar journey…. until

How do you know when you are being manipulated?

The Rabbit Hole podcast is a super interesting series that looks into the unnatural way algorithms push us continuously towards a more extreme version of our last selection. With so much chaos unfolding in the world, it can feel good to direct anger at something or someone, a fleeting and false sense of control. But what we really need is much harder: the self-control of nuanced debate. Go for the whole not the hole!

Intuition needs no tuition. Quite the opposite.

In a world of mediated micro-decisions, how in touch are we with our intuition? When is the last time you knew something was about to happen right before it did? How many sliding doors moments do we walk through in our lives without even knowing it?

Imagine this… Man doesn’t go home to building which collapsed by miracle chance… his girlfriend insisted he stay with her when he was in the doorway ready to leave.

Or this… Lady one of the few escapees from the building; she woke up and ‘something inside her told her to run’ – good decision!

The word “intuition” comes from the Latin word “intueri,” which roughly translates as “to look inside.” Here’s a quick intuition hack for you to try:

Take the intuition quiz

A choice piece of pop culture to escape decision fatigue!

Sliding Doors is the film that resulted from writer and director Howitt’s near-death experience of almost being hit by a car. The film was released 22 years ago and always makes me reflect on the sliding doors moments that have brought my life to where it is. I wonder… with so many choices made for us today, are there less sliding doors moments in the world? [read the article…]

To end with, here’s some unsolicited advice!

On average, a working person spends $5400 USD per year

on impulse purchases. That’s enough to kickstart a new business idea! Just saying….!

Choose to be intentional about the choices you’re making this weekend, and take it easy tiger.