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Stay hungry for feedback

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Stay hungry for feedback


Fuel your growth with feedback! Just like a runner needs fuel to keep going, we need feedback to keep improving. But don't settle for plain old feedback - let's make it a dynamic process that gets us exploring new and innovative ways to crush our development goals together!

What types of feedback do you find most helpful? Write them down.

Consider: a specific area for personal or professional growth, such as developing a skill, changing a habit, or increasing your knowledge or expertise.

Practice: focusing on the positive aspects of feedback and feed forward, emphasising growth and improvement opportunities.

Decide to: make it a habit to seek out feedback (or try asking for "advice") and actively work on incorporating it into your personal and professional growth journey.

From feedback to feed forward

Feedback is an invaluable tool for personal and professional growth, but it has a limitation: it tends to focus on the past, which can feel restrictive and unchanging. 

In his book 'What got you here won't get you there', executive coach Marshall Goldsmith presents an alternative approach called the 'feed forward' loop which focuses on future actions and behaviours rather than past performance. By asking the question, "What can I do more or better in the future?", 'feed forward' offers specific suggestions and guidance for improvement.

To get a taste of what 'feed forward' looks like in practice, try the exercise below and see how it works for you! Play both giver and receiver roles and offer specific suggestions for future actions to become more effective in achieving your goals.

Can you take some time this week to practice the 'feed forward' exercise with a colleague or team member? 

Love your Mondays.