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The art of choosing

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The art of choosing

Choices, choices, choices! We have so many options, but are we choosing the right ones? It's time to simplify, focus on what truly matters, and make informed choices that align with our goals and aspirations.

This week, we're exploring the power of simplifying choices for amplified decisions and next week, we'll tackle the tough topic of knowing when to say no. Let's dive in!

What is one decision you have been putting off that you could commit to making this week? Write it down.

Consider: expending less energy on choices that don't really impact.

Practice: reflecting on past decisions and learning from them to improve your decision-making skills.

Decide to: simplify your decision-making process by prioritising what matters most to you.

Simplify to amplify

Ever been overwhelmed by too many options? We've all been there. Renowned psychologist Barry Schwartz has extensively researched the paradox of choice and has found that having too many options can actually lead to more anxiety and less confidence in our decision-making abilities.

When it comes to decision-making, less can be more. Schwartz's research shows that we can make more effective and impactful decisions by simplifying choices and honing in on our values and priorities. But simplifying choices doesn't mean settling for less. In fact, it often leads to decisions that align perfectly with our goals and aspirations.

So, how can we simplify our decision-making process? Here are four questions we can ask ourselves:

What's one decision you're ready to take on this week?

Love your Mondays.