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Creative, by design

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By design.

We know creativity is a game changer, but how do we integrate it into our every day? Often, our own mental shortcuts and entrenched behaviours get in the way. Let’s fire up our team's creative ideas this week by practising some design thinking!

What current challenge requires you to unleash creativity this week?

Write it down.

Consider: if anything were possible, what is the job we really need to do here?

Practice: challenging the assumptions of what will or won't work by brainstorming ideas

Decide to: test a basic, low-cost prototype out in the real world

Unblocking the imagination.

Many leaders are familiar with the design thinking tools—ethnographic research, reframing problems, experimentation, the use of diverse teams, and so on. But what people may not understand is the subtler way that design thinking gets around the human biases or attachments to specific behavioural norms that work to block the exercise of imagination.

Design thinking involves seven structured activities that help people move from a state of risk elimination to solution exploration. Each activity generates a clear output that the next activity converts to another output until the team arrives at an implementable innovation.

Creativity happens within the natural flow from research to rollout.


Unleash your team's creativity with some design thinking this week!

Love your Mondays