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Change agents, makers, and blockers

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It’s Monday! I wonder what this week holds? Reacting to change is a constant, but are we being intentional enough about enacting change? Does culture enable change in your workplace? A study by PWC’s Katzenbach Center survey shows 84 per cent of those surveyed believe the organisation’s culture was critical to the success of change management, and 64 per cent saw it as more essential than strategy or operating model.

What mix of people do you need to enable a successful change culture? Write this down.

Consider: who are the people that really believe change needs to happen?

Practice: identifying the people whose behaviour, emotions, knowledge or perceptions might block the change

Decide to: intentionally bring together the change agents who can be formally responsible for helping you move the change forward

Casting call

All indications are that increasing volatility, complexity, and rapid change is the new normal, which requires new ways to drive change within organisations — new ways that mobilise the employee base to actively participate in gathering insights, creating solutions, and providing leadership. Everyone deals with change differently.

The simple frame I use for thinking about how we break down a change initiative to bring all of our people along on the journey is this: who are your champions, agents, sponsors and targets or C-A-S-T? Keep in mind, we all have the potential to move between categories during the scope of the initiative. When I’m guiding leaders of all types through change processes, I deliberately try to extract a response to the question, ‘If we were to turn your “No” into a “Yes” what would we have to do?’

We hope we’ve turned your ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ this week to proactively embrace whatever positive change might be coming your way.

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