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Building the change roadmap

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How lucky are we to be in the privileged position of influencing change? While we are lucky, we are also likely to face change overload alongside our people. This week we are thinking about moving our people from intention to action. How are we providing an inspiring and clear plan to move forward with?

Rather than write it down in words, could you sketch it out visually?

Consider: what are the key milestones, critical actions and general timelines that will be essential to the change journey?

Practice: simplifying these until they are core components, represented visually.

Decide to: select a framework that works for your journey (ie 30-60-90 day model)

Road map to motivation

Once we’ve got buy-in for the why of our change, we need to convert intention to a high-level action plan. As opposed to a detailed technical plan, this is a rough road map that should aim to communicate: current state – how things are done today; future state – how things are done once this initiative is fully implemented; transition state – how we move from the current state to the future state; technical side – the systems and mechanisms required to reach the future state; people side – building the support and buy-in that is needed to reach the future state.

When you begin this type of change journey, you open up the opportunity to redefine behaviour and reset expectations. How will purpose, values, and culture be woven into the change journey? How does the future state embody the ‘why’ of change that people are buying into?

Mercedes-Benz roadmap example

Change is a rollercoaster, much like our weekly lives. We hope that the regular practice of honing our leadership together acts as a constant touchstone supporting you to love the work you do.

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