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Blue Sky Days

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When are you taking time for creativity, unrestrained optimism and blue sky thinking to occur? With this approach to idea generation, ideas don't need to be grounded in reality. Rather, blue sky thinking sessions are open to all creative ideas regardless of practical constraints.

When can you put a blue sky day in the diary?

Do it.

Consider: where you will go to be alone and uninterrupted with your thoughts?

Practice: leaving digital tools, notifications and commitments at home entirely.

Decide to: allow an open mind, an open journal and an open sky to speak to you.

Looking up with blue sky days

Daniel Flynn is one of Australia’s most successful young entrepreneurs. Well before he’d hit thirty, Dan was a managing director of the social enterprise Thankyou.

When I spoke to Dan for my podcast, he described a discipline he’s built into his routine to enable him to continue to maintain perspective: a ‘blue sky day’ is what he calls it. ‘You just kind of go and look at the blue sky. The idea is that you just pull up, clear everything, and think. It’s amazing what thoughts come when you’ve got space. I have a blue-sky day built into my diary every fortnight. Every fortnight for one day in the week, I am offline, out, no meetings.’

Dan uses this blue sky day to journey to places where he knows he’ll find nourishment and inspiration. For him, the best settings are somewhere near water or in the bush. Then he gets his notepad out and writes and journals and draws whatever comes to him.

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